PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Your Brand is a Reflection of Your Practice


If you do not cultivate your practice’s “brand,” the marketplace will do it for you.

It is not unusual to equate the term brand with the instantly recognizable logos of popular consumer goods and services. The term branding, however, actually represents quite a bit more, including consumers’ feelings and perceptions regarding all manner of tangibles, including people, places, and things. Like it or not, experts say, your practice is a brand…


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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Health Care Reform: Past, Present, and Future


How will the Affordable Care Act affect your practice?

Whether you call it health care reform, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, chances are that your practice has already felt the effects of this initiative that aims to ensure health care coverage for every US citizen. As John Hovanesian, MD, of Harvard Eye Associates, Laguna Hills, California (, puts it, “Health care reform will affect everyone’s practice at some level…


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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Value-Added Services: Strengthen Your Rapport With Patients and Increase Your Revenue


Diversifying your practice only works if the strategy benefits your patients.

Diversifying your practice by incorporating value-added services can grow cataract and refractive surgery practices. The term value-added services refers to treatment options that complement the core service offerings of a company or medical practice but that are not vital to the core model of the enterprise. ..


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Is launching a satellite office a sure-fire growth strategy?

Under the right circumstances, the launch of a satellite office can provide a much-needed boost to a practice’s bottom line. When conditions are less than optimal, however, the result can be just the opposite. A clear understanding of your practice development objectives and your willingness to scale back if the economic tides turn are among the keys to a successful strategy for growth…


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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Another Satisfied Customer


Do you want to know what your practice is doing right and where it can improve? Ask your patients.

Do you regularly strive to delight your customers? Can you say that you have a legion of raving fans supporting your practice? These are the fine lines that distinguish great practices from the rest. A high level of customer satisfaction, while necessary, is no longer sufficient…


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