PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Ethics and Elective Eye Care


Premium lenses and refractive lens exchange potentially increase the medicolegal risk for surgeons.

Premium IOLs and laser cataract surgery, as well as other elective and semielective advances, provide additional benefits to patients but also additional costs. For the surgeon, these developments offer the opportunity to better satisfy patients and grow his or her practice, but they also pose unique challenges that can blur the ethical boundaries that were once clearly etched…


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Femtosecond Laser Usage in Cataract Surgery and Advanced Diagnostic 2014

RESULTS:  Spring 2014 Survey of Surgeons Using the Femtosecond Laser Usage in Cataract Surgery and Advanced Diagnostic


Click below to watch the presentation of findings from the first-ever survey of surgeons using the laser in cataract surgery.


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Spectacle CTA_2013

PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Enjoy a Slice of Premium Practice Pie


But first, define what it means in your practice.

The word premium is a term that shifts meaning in the blink of an eye. When used as an adjective, it means “of exceptional quality or greater value than others of its kind.” When premium modifies practice, it can mean any number of things, but the vast majority of cataract and refractive surgeons would probably say that describing their practice as premium would be accurate…


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When Mayday Becomes Payday

One of the trickiest issues with technology is how to effectively support customers.    This can be as simple as helping customers recover their login to a password protected website or as complicated as setting up a new home entertainment system.


Today,  Amazon chief Jeff Bezos unveiled Mayday, a really cool approach to tackling this issue.  When you press a special “Mayday” button on their Kindle tablet, a live person appears in a video screen to help.  Within 15 seconds.  And they can takeover your screen and help you through whatever is frustrating you.     This is a game changer, and I applaud whoever came up with the name.  It is just perfect for this customer support application.


While Apple offers a similar service, it’s cumbersome (you need to call or  go to a specific support site) and it’s expensive (you need either an extended support package or be prepared to pay forty bucks for the call).    With Amazon, it’s included;  you just need to be on a wifi network.   The thought of pressing a button on a tablet and presto! – someone appears.  I couldn’t help but be reminded of The Great Gazoo appearing on the Flintsones, only this time being helpful rather than mischievous.

So, what do are you doing to go the extra distance in supporting your customers?   That same video technology is widely available via Skype, Facetime, and other free platforms.  Even further down the technology ladder, how many of you provide your cell phone to your customers?  I know several outstanding surgeons who have it on their business cards and provide them to patients just in case.   These surgeons tell me it instills great confidence and is rarely abused.


Regardless of the technology or tool being used, being accessible to customers with a human touch in the digital age is a clear winner.  I bet lots of people are going to be buying their parents a new Kindle for the holidays, especially knowing that live help is just one button away.


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Hindsight is 20/happy.

The evolution of cataract and refractive surgery has taken surgeons on a wild ride over the past 25 years. Phacoemulsification revolutionized the removal of cataracts, and the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services eviscerated reimbursement…


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