PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Time, Travel, and All That Jazz: the Things We Value Most


Making smart financial choices has enabled these surgeons to enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Successful surgeons who have made the right moves through tough times are rewarded with loyal patients, steady referrals, and a healthy bot-tom line. This article explores how a handful of them are enjoying the perks of success in their downtime…


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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Premium Practice Partnering for Success


Surround yourself with smart people and listen to them.

The most successful practice leaders appreciate the importance of surrounding themselves with and tapping into the strengths of capable, talented partners and staff members. This article explores the use of effective relationships as a conduit to the growth and prosperity of the premium practice…


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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Improving Patients’ Experiences


Focus on the interaction as opposed to the transaction.

Striving to improve patients’ experiences is a worthy goal for any practice and one that is perhaps even more meaningful in the competitive milieu of premium surgery. Exceeding the expectations of these typically demanding patients has clinical and practice management implications that are crucial to the ongoing success of any ophthalmic surgery practice aiming to increase its conversion rate…


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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: My Way: Surgeon Profiles


The secret to my success.

Like a successful surgical plan, a winning strategy for practice management depends on the special something supplied by the lead surgeon. Call it the “surgeon factor” or the “X factor.” Either way, it is the element that makes one practice prosper while another suffers from its lack…


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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Building a Better Staff


Employing the best staff has a lot to do with being the best employer.

Whether you are the head honcho and only physician in an up-and-coming cataract and refractive surgery practice or the CEO of an expansive ophthalmic ambulatory surgical center, hiring and keeping the best possible employees and coworkers areas integral to the success of your enterprise as attracting and retaining patients….


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