The Technology Trap

The Technology TrapMarketing your technology is risky business.

Technology. Just hearing the word conjures up images ranging from The Jetsons and the electronic pet, Meow-Chi (one of my child’s new toys), to the wonders of genome sequencing and nanomuscle motors. Technological innovation has kept millions of us enthralled with the newest, the neatest, and the next…

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Refractive Surgery: Looking Ahead

Refractive Surgery: Looking AheadA glimpse into the past helps avoid future mistakes.

Along with all the great successes in refractive surgery so far, there have been sizable mistakes that have slowed down physician and consumer acceptance of refractive procedures. This column will look at some of the dynamics concerning this young industry and explore how mistakes of the past—many of which are marketing-related—can be better understood and avoided in the future…

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