A Time to Share

Having just finished work for the year as well as learning how to edit home videos on iMovie as a gift to my family, I wanted to take a moment and thank you – my readers – with a moment of reflection on the year 2017.

This was a year of challenge for me personally as I focused on re-energizing my consulting, my writing, and my commitment to getting in better shape in all facets of my

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Cash is King (and Points are Pointless)

Many of us are enthralled with affinity cards and earning points. We use specific loyalty program credit cards in exchange for points and eventual redemption for free flights, hotel stays, and just about anything else you want to buy. Personally, I like
the Southwest VISA and the Starwood AMEX and use the points for family travel.

In many practices, doctors often use their AMEX gold or platinum card to pay for practice supplies and simultaneously rack up points, with the goal of using them for future travel….

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Private Debt vs. Private Equity

I’ve received a ton of feedback from last month’s topic covering the buzz about private equity. This month, I want to share an alternative that could prove highly attractive for doctors that want additional capital yet are nervous about, or just not ready
to be, giving up ownership of their practice.

One of my close physician friends shared his story which highlights the benefits of this
alternative – private debt – if your circumstances allow it….

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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Ethics and Elective Eye Care


Premium lenses and refractive lens exchange potentially increase the medicolegal risk for surgeons.

Premium IOLs and laser cataract surgery, as well as other elective and semielective advances, provide additional benefits to patients but also additional costs. For the surgeon, these developments offer the opportunity to better satisfy patients and grow his or her practice, but they also pose unique challenges that can blur the ethical boundaries that were once clearly etched…


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