A marketing plan that hinges on listening

Despite more than a decade of commercial availability, premium IOLs have not attracted their target audience, the patient-consumer who wants to see without glasses for most to all activities following surgery. According to Market Scope, market penetration has not gone beyond 10%…

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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Health Care Reform: Past, Present, and Future


How will the Affordable Care Act affect your practice?

Whether you call it health care reform, The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare, chances are that your practice has already felt the effects of this initiative that aims to ensure health care coverage for every US citizen. As John Hovanesian, MD, of Harvard Eye Associates, Laguna Hills, California ( www.harvardeye.com), puts it, “Health care reform will affect everyone’s practice at some level…


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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Personality Quotient


If a patient’s personality is the wild card of his or her satisfaction, you should know whether the deck is stacked against you.

A core principle in the realm of the customer’s experience is that every customer is unique. Indeed, the days of treating your patients with a “one-size-fits-all” mentality are gone. This consumer, now a patient in front of you seeking advice regarding an elective surgical procedure, comes in with a unique personality and set of expectations…


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Decision Time

Decision TimeDo certain types of patients take longer than others to schedule LASIK surgery?

Refractive surgeons have long tried to understand why some patients delay their decision to have LASIK after their consultation. Reasons typically involve lingering fear, concern over cost, and/or waiting for a specific event to occur. We were curious to understand the impact of time on the decision process and if the delay in signing up for surgery is influenced by demographic or physiological patient characteristics…

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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: The Premium Practice Experience – Why Office Design Matters


A soothing atmosphere for patients improves the working environment for staff, resulting in enhanced morale, better patient care, and a healing environment that enriches the business and reputation of the premium practice…


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