Laser Cataract Surgery: the Next New Thing in Ophthalmology

Laser Cataract Surgery: the Next New Thing in OphthalmologyMainstream consumers’ experiences foster more rapid adoption across the spectrum of technological innovation, including what you have to offer as an eye surgeon.

In 2010, ophthalmologists became aware of the next big revolution in the field: using a femtosecond laser to perform cataract surgery. Seemingly out of nowhere, four companies emerged with announcements, booth demonstrations, and approvals…

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IOLMaster 500: Improving Upon the “Gold Standard” in Biometry for Cataract Surgery

IOLMaster 500: Improving Upon the

This year, the new IOLMaster® 500 platform has been launched in Europe with the promise of even greater performance of this core technology used in cataract surgery. The key question is whether IOLMaster 500 is a significant improvement over two current offerings, the IOLMaster Version 5 (also from Carl Zeiss) and the Lenstar LS900® (Haag-Streit, Koeniz Switzerland)…

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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Online Reputation Management


Online Testimonials Can Be a Boon to Your Practice

When it comes to patients’ testimonials, word of mouth can more appropriately be described as “word of mouse.” The Internet has created a brave new world for surgeons, where they are no longer in control of their brand image or reputation. Web sites that review products and services have evolved now to review doctors, either as another category (eg, or as the sole reason for the Website’s existence (eg,…


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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: The Importance of Practice Culture in the Premium Channel Environment


The character of the lead surgeon can color the entire organization,so it is the surgeon’s responsibility to make the culture a positive one.

Every organization even a physician’s office has a unique culture. According to an online article from the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s Website, that culture determines how patients, staff, and doctors feel when they walk in the office. The practice owner or top surgeon plays the key role in determining the office culture…


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Nobody Wants Eye Surgery

Nobody Wants Eye SurgerySurgeons struggle with patients’ desires when promoting presbyopia-correcting IOLs.

In this relatively new era, when cataract surgeons can act as direct providers and charge patients for certain uncovered services, I offer one essential truth: no one wants to undergo eye surgery. Most people desire a nice vacation, new furniture, or a new wardrobe…

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