Human versus Robot

I’m a big fan of new technology, even though looking back at some of my purchases I realize that new does not always mean better.

Take the Lytro camera for example, which claimed it would improve the image focus after you took the picture. Sounded good at the time, but It was an epic fail in the land of gizmos….

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When Mayday Becomes Payday

One of the trickiest issues with technology is how to effectively support customers.    This can be as simple as helping customers recover their login to a password protected website or as complicated as setting up a new home entertainment system.


Today,  Amazon chief Jeff Bezos unveiled Mayday, a really cool approach to tackling this issue.  When you press a special “Mayday” button on their Kindle tablet, a live person appears in a video screen to help.  Within 15 seconds.  And they can takeover your screen and help you through whatever is frustrating you.     This is a game changer, and I applaud whoever came up with the name.  It is just perfect for this customer support application.


While Apple offers a similar service, it’s cumbersome (you need to call or  go to a specific support site) and it’s expensive (you need either an extended support package or be prepared to pay forty bucks for the call).    With Amazon, it’s included;  you just need to be on a wifi network.   The thought of pressing a button on a tablet and presto! – someone appears.  I couldn’t help but be reminded of The Great Gazoo appearing on the Flintsones, only this time being helpful rather than mischievous.

So, what do are you doing to go the extra distance in supporting your customers?   That same video technology is widely available via Skype, Facetime, and other free platforms.  Even further down the technology ladder, how many of you provide your cell phone to your customers?  I know several outstanding surgeons who have it on their business cards and provide them to patients just in case.   These surgeons tell me it instills great confidence and is rarely abused.


Regardless of the technology or tool being used, being accessible to customers with a human touch in the digital age is a clear winner.  I bet lots of people are going to be buying their parents a new Kindle for the holidays, especially knowing that live help is just one button away.


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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: New Paradigms in Premium Practice Development


This is not your father’s cataract practice.

Few truths are more reliable than the old yarn that change is the only constant. Although change is the great equalizer, the way that surgeons and practice administrators deal with it is what separates those who embrace—and even invent—the future from those who remain steeped in the past…


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Combining Placido and OCT Imaging Technologies: Bringing Diagnostic Power to Corneal Analysis

Combining Placido and OCT Imaging Technologies: Bringing Diagnostic Power to Corneal Analysis

The ability of ophthalmic clinicians to evaluate the cornea has improved dramatically over the past quarter century. From the era of manual keratometry, new methods of imaging and analyzing corneal structure have emerged and have moved corneal care from an analog to a digital world…

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Wavefront-Guided Custom Cataract™ Surgery

Wavefront-Guided Custom Cataract™ SurgeryA New Value Proposition for Cataract surgeons

In the spring of 2009, WaveTec Vision (Aliso Viejo, CA)began commercializing a new device for cataract surgeons based on a simple premise: providing refractive information during the procedure would help improve clinical results achieved following the procedure…

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