Structure in the Medical Practice

Structure in the Medical PracticeDoes your practice run more like an ice hockey game or a ballet?

Identify this scene: a team of people moving fast with lots of intensity, bumping into one another, creating chaos and confusion. Does this sound like a night at the ice hockey arena? Instead, I am referring to some medical practices, especially those with multiple physicians and support staff. Chaotic practices lack an effective support structure. Vital information such as phone messages, charts, and test results is not tracked carefully and sometimes gets misplaced…

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Top 10 Marketing Mistakes by Refractive Surgeons

Top 10 Marketing Mistakesby Refractive Surgeons

1. Surgeon-centric vs. Patient-centric Most medical practices are designed for the convenience of the doctor rather than the customer. In refractive surgery, a major symptom of this problem has been the attempt to differentiate based on technology (important to the surgeon) rather than on the benefits of the procedure (important to the customer)…

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No Fun! Why visiting the doctor is making it harder to attract patients

No Fun!Why visiting the doctor is making it harder to attract patients.

How many people do you know who would say that visiting their doctor is something to which they look forward? Probably very few. More often, a person bemoans such an appointment as if it were some type of short-term prison sentence. Perhaps it was recent back-to-back visits to both the doctor and the dentist that helped to remind me that medical appointments are, simply put, not a fun experience…

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Building Value for Refractive Services

Building Value for Refractive ServicesIt’s up to the surgeon to make it or break it.

This editorial is the second in a three-part series adapted from the recent lecture, “Ways to Stop Undervaluing Your Services, ” that the author presented at the 2004ASCRS meeting. refractive surgery is at a crossroads, unsure of the direction it should follow. Should refractive procedures be medical breakthroughs performed by highly skilled eye specialists who restore patients’ vision in life-changing ways?

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Minding Your Bedside Manners

Minding Your Bedside Manners How doctors communication skills affect the refractive practiceHow doctors’ communication skills affect the refractive practice.

Kudos to the National Board of Medical Examiners (NBME), which recently announced that newly minted MDs will have to pass a “clinical skills” exam. For the first time since the 1960s, doctors will be evaluated on their ability to listen to and communicate with patients. The exam, created to evaluate doctors’ interactions with patients, recently completed a successful pilot program at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!) and will now become nationally standardized…

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