PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Your Brand is a Reflection of Your Practice


If you do not cultivate your practice’s “brand,” the marketplace will do it for you.

It is not unusual to equate the term brand with the instantly recognizable logos of popular consumer goods and services. The term branding, however, actually represents quite a bit more, including consumers’ feelings and perceptions regarding all manner of tangibles, including people, places, and things. Like it or not, experts say, your practice is a brand…


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The Market Has Moved

The Market Has MovedIn order to ensure that LASIK becomes a fixture and not a fad, surgeons must bring “high touch” into balance with “high tech. ”

Many refractive surgeons I encounter are befuddled by the market’s lack of growth in procedural volumes over the past several years. Having recently moved across town to a new house, I find myself in a daze that I think is similar to the confusion these surgeons feel. The day to-day activities are the same, but I’m starting from a different location, which can be unsettling. I think of the current refractive surgery marketplace in the same way. With 2 consecutive down years now behind us, it’s clear that the refractive market has moved to a new address…

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