The Market Has Moved

The Market Has MovedIn order to ensure that LASIK becomes a fixture and not a fad, surgeons must bring “high touch” into balance with “high tech. ”

Many refractive surgeons I encounter are befuddled by the market’s lack of growth in procedural volumes over the past several years. Having recently moved across town to a new house, I find myself in a daze that I think is similar to the confusion these surgeons feel. The day to-day activities are the same, but I’m starting from a different location, which can be unsettling. I think of the current refractive surgery marketplace in the same way. With 2 consecutive down years now behind us, it’s clear that the refractive market has moved to a new address…

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Retail Pricing in Refractive Surgery

Retail Pricing in Refractive SurgeryLower prices have failed to boost market demand.

Since the first FDA approval of refractive surgery in late 1995, there has been a great deal of debate over the pricing issue, and many providers have assumed that price is the key factor in a prospective patient’s decision-making process. Implicit in this assumption is a belief that, the less something costs, the more of it you will sell…

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Turn Your Practice “Inside Out”

Turn Your Practice Changing your marketing focus from extensive media campaigns to superior customer service may reverse sinking LASIK volumes.

The US refractive market seems to be caught in a holding pattern. Doctors and industry people are sniffing around for answers as to why procedural volumes are down and consumer interest does not seem to be growing. We tend to point our fingers at big external factors, such as negative publicity and an economic slump, which have reinforced the challenges of marketing…

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Who Is the Competition?

Who Is the Competition

Last month’s column focused on the need to differentiate your services as a LASIK provider in order to successfully compete in the refractive surgery market. This position implied that other providers are the LASIK surgeon’s main competitors. Now, let me turn the tables on you, and say that your competition is not other providers at all, but actually prospective LASIK patients…

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The Technology Trap

The Technology TrapMarketing your technology is risky business.

Technology. Just hearing the word conjures up images ranging from The Jetsons and the electronic pet, Meow-Chi (one of my child’s new toys), to the wonders of genome sequencing and nanomuscle motors. Technological innovation has kept millions of us enthralled with the newest, the neatest, and the next…

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