The Early Adopter of Refractive Surgery

The Early Adopter of Refractive SurgeryWhy meeting the needs of today’s patients is critical to building the future market.

refractive surgery providers spend a lot of guesswork trying to determine the size of the consumer market for LASIK. Although this effort is admirable, judgments are often made based on data that can be misleading, such as current or past procedural volumes, the population in the market area surrounding the practice, a recent positive (or negative) national news story, or marketing tactics employed by other providers…

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Removing the Fine Print

Removing the Fine PrintHow asterisks and miniscule fonts in LASIK print ads continue to hurt the refractive surgery market.

For the first time in a long while, things are looking up in refractive surgery. Customized procedures are gaining acceptance, safer alternatives to traditional microkeratomes are proving their worth, and the first accommodative lens implant (albeit as a replacement for cataract surgery) has been approved. That’s the good news…

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Tipping the Market in Your Favor

Tipping the Market in Your FavorFanning the flames ignited by word-of-mouth marketing.

In 1996, laser vision correction was hardly known beyond the circles of eye care professionals and a few thousand patients. In October 1999, however, LASIK became known to all as Tiger Woods’ became the most famous pair of eyes among more than one million that had undergone the procedure. The skyrocketing awareness of LASIK between those two dates occurred without any organized promotional launch or national media effort…

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Retail Pricing in Refractive Surgery Part II

Retail Pricing in Refractive Surgery Part IIHow discounting has hurt physician providers.

Last fall, I detailed how trends toward lower retail pricing in refractive surgery had thus far failed to expand overall demand for LASIK procedures at the consumer level. This article aims to quantify the impact that price discounting has had on the short-term financial health of refractive surgery providers in the US market…

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The Marketing Challenges of Customized Ablation

The Marketing Challenges of Customized AblationCustomized ablation is a whole new game that requires a new way of thinking for most refractive surgeons.

There’s a lot of buzz in the ophthalmic profession about customized ablation. As we enter the next era in laser vision correction, there will be new challenges in building greater market penetration among consumers. The approvals of customized treatments represent an incredible opportunity for refractive surgeons to grow their businesses and the entire surgical category…

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