A marketing plan that hinges on listening

Despite more than a decade of commercial availability, premium IOLs have not attracted their target audience, the patient-consumer who wants to see without glasses for most to all activities following surgery. According to Market Scope, market penetration has not gone beyond 10%…

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Humphrey Field Analyzer HFA3:Improving on a Standard


The Humphrey Field Analyzer was first launched in 1984 as a means of automating the accurate yet arduous Goldmann manual kinetic perimetry test used to measure defects in the visual field. Over the years, the HFA has become the standard method used to assess and monitor visual field loss. Over 45,000 units are in use worldwide, providing clinicians with a standard platform for measuring, analyzing and communicating test results…

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Following in the footsteps of specialties that have a retail component can put premium practices on a profitable path.

With 12,000 Americans turning 50 years of age every day, you would think that the “if you build it they will come” strategy would be all it should take to attract premium IOL patients. Nothing could be further from the truth. As cosmetic surgeons, dermatologists, and other practitioners in medical specialties that have a retail component have learned, when services are partially or completely paid for out of pocket—even if demographic trends make for a fertile marketplace—market share needs to be cultivated…


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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Turning Clicks Into Consultations


Advanced Internet marketing consists of more than just a pretty page.

It takes more than a passing acquaintance with Internet marketing strategies to thrive in today’s competitive refractive cataract surgery market. Even if you have a tech-savvy staff or consultants dedicated to your practice’s electronic marketing initiatives, it still helps to have an appreciation of search engine optimization, Google+, and call-to-action terms…


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