CLEO 2012 (Optical Society of America)

May 9, 2012 (San Jose, CA)

Speaking | “Femtosecond Technology Comes of Age in Ophthalmology”

During the past decade, the femtosecond laser has emerged to become widely used in refractive surgery.  This process began with LASIK and now continues with cataract surgery, the two most widely performed surgical procedures (elective surgery and traditional surgery, respectively) in the US and likely worldwide.  This talk will review the history of commercialization of this technology.

Panel Description:

The introduction of femtosecond lasers to improve vision has revolutionized refractive correction. At first, the laser was only being used to create the flap for LASIK.  However, present systems cut the flap and perform the refractive correction. The most exciting development this year is the FDA approval of femtosecond lasers capable in aiding the treatment of cataracts, which requires much deeper incisions. This session will host the pioneers that have made these advances possible, discuss needed technological improvements and provide a sense of future innovations.

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[learn_more caption=” City Recognizes CLEO Conference For Major Economic Benefit To San Jose”]

Conference will generate over $15.5 million in visitor spending through 2014

3 May, 2012 23:58 CET | NEWS RELEASE

SAN JOSE, CA (May 3, 2012) –The City of San Jose is declaring May 7-13 “CLEO: 2012 Week” in recognition of the Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics (CLEO) show. The convention brings a welcomed annual $5.2 million shot in the arm for the local economy. CLEO will return to San Jose in 2013 and 2014 attracting approximately 5,000 attendees annually, which Team San Jose estimates will generate 20,417 room nights, 15,000 visitors to San Jose and $15.5M visitor spending over three years…

CLEO: 2012 will deliver exclusive programming for attendees, including 146 presentations from

California researchers, presenters and companies including:

  • Steven DenBaars of the University of California, Santa Barbara is a featured keynote speaker at the Plenary Session Tuesday, May 8.
  • Eli Yablonovitch and Owen Miller of the University of California, Berkeley, will present their work on a new record for solar cell efficiency Friday, May 11 at 10:30 a.m. See: “The Solar Cell that Also Shines: Luminescent ‘LED-type’ Design Breaks Efficiency Record, Illuminates 50-Year Mystery.”
  • Yuji Zhao of the Solid State Lighting and Energy Center at the University of California Santa Barbara will present on “Conquering LED Efficiency Droops: Overcoming Mysterious Phenomenon Could Lead to Affordable LED Lighting,” Thursday, May 10 at 5 p.m.
  • Shareef Mahdavi of SM2 Strategic in Pleasanton, Calif. will speak at the Market Focus program on Tuesday, May 8 on the history and commercialization of femtosecond lasers for ophthalmology applications.
  • Mark Kasevich of Stanford University will be a keynote speaker at the Technology Transfer Program on Thursday, May 10, where he will address the evolution of atom de Broglie wave interferometers, which are used in geodesy, security, and navigation. Aydogan Ozcan of UCLA will also speak at the Technology Transfer Program on telemedicine applications.
  • Stanford University’s Robert Byer, Joseph Goodman, Steven Harris, James Harris, Thomas M. Baer, and Caltech’s Amnon Yariv will be presenting on Sunday, May 6 at the Anthony E. Siegman Memorial Symposium and Reception.
  • CLEO will feature other speakers from California universities and companies, including the Stanford PULSE Institute, UC Riverside, UC San Diego, UC Santa Cruz, Caltech, Alcatel-Lucent, and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab.
  • Participating California exhibitors in the CLEO: Expo Technology Playground include BNC Scientific, Calmar Laser, Coherent, CVI Melles Griot, Newport Corp., and more.

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[learn_more caption=”CLEO:2012: Femto is fierce for cataract surgery”] May 8, 2012 10:18 PM by Lee Mather — At CLEO:2012, happening this week in San Jose, CA, one of the show’s Market Focus talks focused on the future offemtosecond lasers in cataract surgery, led by moderator Marcos Dantus (BioPhotonic Solutions; MI), whose company’sfemtoAdaptiv femtosecond laser won this year’s CLEO/Laser Focus World Innovation Award; Arturo Chayet, MD, of the Codet Vision Institute (Mexico)–the first to ever perform all-laser LASIK surgery; Wayne Knox of the University of Rochester (NY); and Shareef Mahdavi of SM2 Strategic (CA).

Mahdavi stated in his portion of the talk that out of the 70% of procedures that use lasers, 30-40% use femtosecond lasers. As of 12/31/11, 46 of these lasers have been installed in the U.S., with more than 50% of them being used in the clinical space–a pretty powerful statistic to prove that this technology is becoming more and more accessible. What’s more, 92% of those who use it recommend it, says Mahdavi.

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Made in America: The Return of Innovation

 If you find yourself wondering what’s happened to innovation
and the ability for Americans to invent new products, you will want to watch this
video tour of Tech Shop SF, a member-based place (Kinda like your high school woodshop… On

If you find yourself wondering what’s happened to innovation
and the ability for Americans to invent new products, you will want to watch this
video tour of Tech Shop SF, a member-based place (Kinda like your high school woodshop… On

Made in America: The Return Of Innovation

Made in America: The Return Of Innovation


If you find yourself wondering what’s happened to innovation and the ability for Americans to invent new products, you will want to watch this video tour of Tech Shop SF, a member-based place (Kinda like your high school woodshop… on steroids!) where people can bring their dreams to life by prototyping new product concepts.

Have you seen that little “square” that attaches to the iPhone and iPad for credit card transactions? It was invented at Tech Shop, and it is among hundreds of new ideas coming to the marketplace. Tech Shop is expanding quickly and is in discussions with a major big-box home improvement chain for possible national presence.

I was gratified to be co-honored with the Tech Shop CEO at last fall’s thinkAbout conference put on by the authors of the Experience Economy; Tech Shop received the EXPY award (Experience Stager of the Year), while my work was recognized with an EMA (Experience Management Award) for efforts to transform the customer experience in medical practices.

Innovation is indeed alive and well here in America!

Date: September 2011  – Length | 7:03 minutes

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IOLMaster 500 and Integration of the Holladay 2 Formula for IOL Calculations

IOLMaster 500 and Integration of the Holladay 2 Formula for IOL Calculations

The IOLMaster®, first launched as a novel approach to obtaining biometric data, has evolved over the past decade to become the predominant device and standard routine as part of a surgeon’s IOL calculations prior to cataract surgery. Previous surveys by SM2 Strategic have documented its value as a tool in modern cataract surgery as well as the ongoing improvement of the platform in terms of both speed and ability to accurately read through dense cataracts….


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Ideas in Action: Back to Basics

April 2, 2008

I have to admit I’ve been a longtime fan of Starbucks. Not so much of their coffee, but of their founder, Howard Schultz. As a man who is driven by something far greater than financial success, he returned to his role as CEO at the beginning of this year amidst concern that the world’s largest purveyor of gourmet coffee had lost some of its focus. You may recall hearing the news that Starbucks locations in the US, all 11,100 of them, closed one afternoon in February for a 3-hour training session involving 150,000 workers. Some might view this as a big hit to revenue, but I’m betting that Schultz didn’t. He sensed the need to take action and counter the first-ever drop in customer transactions they saw in the most recent fiscal quarter.

Schultz made some major commitments, declaring in a recent USA Today interview that “there will be a fundamental change in the taste and experience of going to Starbucks.” These changes include a return to grinding coffee in each store and a much-improved loyalty rewards program with social networking. He’s promising innovation that will bring back his core customers that have left for other coffee grounds, no pun intended.

What I admire foremost about this leader is the fact that he’s taking responsibility for the problems at hand rather than conveniently blaming the economy or some other factor. With all the current bad news around housing, energy prices, stock market volatility, and so on, it’s easy for anyone running a business to get down in their outlook. But instead of pointing the finger, Schultz is taking the bull by the horns, forcing his company to look in the mirror to solve problems that are “self-induced.” I find this incredibly refreshing.

Consider your business: If your revenues are down, are you pointing the finger or are you looking in the mirror? In this turbulent economy, there’s probably never been a better time to get back to basics. Revisit the critical question, “what business am I in?” Schultz believes that he’s in the “people business” rather than the coffee business.

Consider your core customers: Why do they choose to come to you? Have you explored, like Schultz, what it will take to enhance their experience?
Finally, consider your level of innovation: The tendency is to view this in terms of new products or services, which comprise the “what” and “how” of your business. Perhaps it’s time to think about innovating the “when”, “where”, and “why” of your business. I suspect that a good bit of the employee training going on at Starbucks is focused on reviving the dramatic structure (“coffee theater”) that helped create the Starbucks experience in the first place.

Chicago and ASCRS

A heads-up for Chicago: For those of you going to ASCRS in Chicago and in need of some “back to basics” inspiration, here are three events you may want to check out:

AMAZEMENT – Legendary inspirational speaker (and world-class magician) Giovanni Livera will be keynoting the AMO University session on Friday morning (4/4) at the Hilton at 8 am. He will talk about how to astonish your customers in a lecture called Anything is Possible.

PASSION – The ASOA breakfast on Saturday morning will feature Gary Zelesky, who will talk about bringing passion to your practice and your patients. Co-sponsored by AMO and Care Credit, this event takes place at 7 am at McCormick Convention Center in room W-375C.

HUMOR – The Pretty Late Show with host Mike Carbone comes to the Art Institute of Chicago on Sunday evening at 5:30 pm. In this live studio event, presented by EyeWorld magazine, talk show host Mike Carbone will interview leading surgeons on what they’re currently doing to create a premium patient experience in their practices. Should be a hoot!


Shareef Mahdavi
President, SM2 Consulting

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