Decision Time

Decision TimeDo certain types of patients take longer than others to schedule LASIK surgery?

Refractive surgeons have long tried to understand why some patients delay their decision to have LASIK after their consultation. Reasons typically involve lingering fear, concern over cost, and/or waiting for a specific event to occur. We were curious to understand the impact of time on the decision process and if the delay in signing up for surgery is influenced by demographic or physiological patient characteristics…

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The Whoops! Factor

The Whoops! Factor Why refractive surgeons need to take a much closer look at their enhancement rates.

Consumers who undergo the process of deciding to have refractive surgery overcome a great deal of innate fear before choosing in favor of it. Having weighed the potential benefits and risks, they go forward with the hope and expectation of experiencing daily life without glasses. For nine of every 10 patients, the procedure goes as planned, the outcome is great, and everybody’s happy…

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When Fear Is the Factor

When Fear Is the FactorUnderstanding how to deal with this key emotion.

Fear is a word that has a broad definition. In refractive surgery, it is often said that there are only two obstacles to patients’ having a procedure: price and fear. I agree, and this month, I want to explore the topic of fear in greater detail…

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No Fun! Why visiting the doctor is making it harder to attract patients

No Fun!Why visiting the doctor is making it harder to attract patients.

How many people do you know who would say that visiting their doctor is something to which they look forward? Probably very few. More often, a person bemoans such an appointment as if it were some type of short-term prison sentence. Perhaps it was recent back-to-back visits to both the doctor and the dentist that helped to remind me that medical appointments are, simply put, not a fun experience…

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Barriers to Patient Acceptance

Barriers to Patient AcceptanceWe’re managing the wrong issue.

Two emotions that drive human behavior are greed and fear. When it comes to LASIK, the factors that drive patient decision-making can also be boiled down to two: price and fear. Over the past 20 months, the industry has been obsessed with trying to manage the price issue: “If I drop my price, won’t more people come to have LASIK?”“How does she make money offering LASIK at such allow price?” “His volume is tanking because his fees are so high. ” You recognize these hallway discussions at shows and meetings. It appears we’ve been discussing the wrong issue. Can you imagine if those same hallway conversations were sprinkled with: “Wow! Did you see his new patient brochure? Incredible!” “That informed consent was the best I’ve ever witnessed. ” “His staff not only answers questions, they ask patients what they’re afraid of. ”These scenarios are probably difficult to imagine, mainly because eye care professionals are not trained in the art of communication. Some physicians and staff members have an ability to empathize, listen, and respond in away that builds trust and confidence in the prospective LASIK patient. Others simply do not have this ability and either delegate the task or ignore it altogether, hoping that the photocopied brochure and poorly produced “Dear Patient” letter will provide interested patients with valuable information. This has been proven a mistake…

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