Eyemaginations Testimonial

Eyemaginations Testimonial


Recently, Eyemaginations released a new product that I believe redefines how we influence patients’ behavior before and after office visits. 3D-Eye Home is part of a long-term trend of decentralizing patients’ medical experience by moving educational events/encounters from the doctor’s office to their homes….

The 3D-Eye Home platform addresses one of the key sticking points in medicine: the communication gap between doctors and patients that results in lower compliance. Practices do not need to use 3D-Eye Office to use 3DEye Home. Providing better communication at a lower cost is a key step to building demand for many of the new diagnostic and therapeutic tools available to the modern eye care practice.

Date: February 2010 – Length | 2:19 minutes

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Homeward Bound

Homeward BoundThe future of educating patients.

When we look closely at the factors that influence the demand for eye care services, we tend to focus on the content of what is being offered (eg, description of a procedure or type of prescription, discussion of outcomes, and costs). We could classify the content as the what part of the communication process with patients. The method of counseling patients rarely includes the how component; we tend to consider our methods of communication only as an afterthought…

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