The Brave New World of Refractive Cataract

The Brave New World of Refractive CataractA message to cataract surgeons who are going refractive.

The most important governmental approval in ophthalmic medicine in recent times did not come from the FDA but from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) when it voted to dismantle a law that prevented consumers from making their own decisions about their eye care. Specifically, the CMS changed its rules to allow ophthalmologists to bill separately from cataract surgery for the implantation of presbyopia-correcting IOLs…

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The Mindset of the Refractive Patient

The Mindset of the Refractive PatientUsing what we have learned so far to improve how we attract consumers.

MARCH 2005 I CATARACT & refractive SURGERY TODAY I 77COVER STORY When laser refractive surgery became available in the US in 1995, the refractive surgery market included fewer than 1, 000surgeons who had performed radial keratotomy(RK) or automated lamellar keratomileusis on a total of 400, 000 patients…

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Removing the Fine Print

Removing the Fine PrintHow asterisks and miniscule fonts in LASIK print ads continue to hurt the refractive surgery market.

For the first time in a long while, things are looking up in refractive surgery. Customized procedures are gaining acceptance, safer alternatives to traditional microkeratomes are proving their worth, and the first accommodative lens implant (albeit as a replacement for cataract surgery) has been approved. That’s the good news…

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The Marketing Challenges of Customized Ablation

The Marketing Challenges of Customized AblationCustomized ablation is a whole new game that requires a new way of thinking for most refractive surgeons.

There’s a lot of buzz in the ophthalmic profession about customized ablation. As we enter the next era in laser vision correction, there will be new challenges in building greater market penetration among consumers. The approvals of customized treatments represent an incredible opportunity for refractive surgeons to grow their businesses and the entire surgical category…

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