PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Taking the Pulse of Your Practice


Performance metrics help show where practices have been and where they are headed.

“You can’t manage what you do don’t measure” is an age-old adage of managerial wisdom that most surgeons take to heart in terms of improving their clinical outcomes. That same approach, however, often fails to extend beyond the examination room or operating suite and into the business of running the practice…


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Employees’ engagement, motivation, and retention are key to patients’ satisfaction

Much of my research and writing involves the customer’s experience, and how we can greatly enhance what takes place in the medical environment. Memorable experiences do not happen on their own. It takes a superb team of employees to design, stage, and continuously improve what happens when a customer walks in the door…


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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Adding Ancillary Services to Your Premium Practice


Premium Practice Today is a monthly feature section in CRSToday providing articles and resources to assist surgeons and their staff in the pursuit of premium practice development to facilitate exceptional experiences for patients and business success…


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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: The Premium Practice Experience – Why Office Design Matters


A soothing atmosphere for patients improves the working environment for staff, resulting in enhanced morale, better patient care, and a healing environment that enriches the business and reputation of the premium practice…


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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: The Importance of Practice Culture in the Premium Channel Environment


The character of the lead surgeon can color the entire organization,so it is the surgeon’s responsibility to make the culture a positive one.

Every organization even a physician’s office has a unique culture. According to an online article from the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s Website, that culture determines how patients, staff, and doctors feel when they walk in the office. The practice owner or top surgeon plays the key role in determining the office culture…


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