Branding: The Promise of an Experience


When we think about the term branding and what it means today, we need to first go back to its roots. Long before we had marketing terms such as brand equity, brand essence, and brand management, we had cattle—lots and lots of cattle. It became increasingly difficult for ranchers to keep track of the cattle they owned…

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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Your Brand is a Reflection of Your Practice


If you do not cultivate your practice’s “brand,” the marketplace will do it for you.

It is not unusual to equate the term brand with the instantly recognizable logos of popular consumer goods and services. The term branding, however, actually represents quite a bit more, including consumers’ feelings and perceptions regarding all manner of tangibles, including people, places, and things. Like it or not, experts say, your practice is a brand…


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The Business of Branding

The Business of BrandingLASIK surgeons can learn from the cattlemen’s lore.

“It is not enough to appeal to reason and logic, we must also appeal to the emotions. ” — Aristotle Have you ever wondered why you instinctively purchase an item that costs more than another similar one, simply because you like it better? When you evaluate them side-by-side, you can see objectively that the composition is the same. But for some inexplicable reason, you prefer one to the other and come up with all sorts of reasons as to why it’s better. Well, that’s what branding is all about: emotion…

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