Laser Cataract Surgery: the Next New Thing in Ophthalmology

Laser Cataract Surgery: the Next New Thing in Ophthalmology


Mainstream consumers’ experiences foster more rapid adoption across the spectrum of technological innovation, including what you have to offer as an eye surgeon.

Consumer trends, as well as ophthalmology’s own experience with elective procedures, strongly suggest that surgeons should get involved. The question is, when? Now is the right time to begin thinking and planning, as manufacturers are building their capacity to deliver the devices. Eventually, this technology will make its way into everyone’s community. There are still many questions, such as which laser platform is the best, how much will it cost, where will the surgery be performed, which patients qualify, and how much should patients be charged? This is an emerging field; answers will become clear in the coming months, and they will evolve as we learn more about how best to integrate this technology into the practice. The earliest customers will pave the way, and their experiences will help all interested surgeons plan accordingly.

Date: February 2011 – Length | 6:30 minutes

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