Physician, know thyself before hiring


A generation ago, a handful of medical specialties existed; today more than two dozen are officially recognized. Even the specialties themselves tend to spawn further specialization; ophthalmology has at least five subspecialties…

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SEO vs SEM: Which will serve you better?

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In 2012, JAMA published a survey involving 2137 people exploring their views on physician rating sites, and how influential those ratings were to them in selecting a physician. Of those surveyed, 19% considered a physician’s rating very important; 40% thought it somewhat important; and 41% thought the ratings not important…

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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Ethics and Elective Eye Care


Premium lenses and refractive lens exchange potentially increase the medicolegal risk for surgeons.

Premium IOLs and laser cataract surgery, as well as other elective and semielective advances, provide additional benefits to patients but also additional costs. For the surgeon, these developments offer the opportunity to better satisfy patients and grow his or her practice, but they also pose unique challenges that can blur the ethical boundaries that were once clearly etched…


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PREMIUM PRACTICE TODAY: Taking the Pulse of Elective Eye Care


Being in the “elective” mindset is quite different from being in the insurance mindset.

There are specialties dedicated to elective procedures, there are specialties dedicated to insurance-covered procedures, and then there is ophthalmic surgery, which straddles the two spheres not only within the same practice but increasingly within the same procedures…


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Making the most of economic trends.

When you were working 36-hour residency shifts or lobbying for that coveted cornea fellowship, odds are you did not feel an affinity toward the average small-business owner. After a decade or more in practice, however, you are probably as attuned to the challenges of entrepreneurship as you are to those of anterior segment surgery…


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