Private Equity Update for Retinal Physicians

Having spent several decades advising ophthalmologists on how to be better and smarter in growing their practices, it came as no surprise that many doctors were both amazed and confused as private equity firms (PE) began buying ophthalmic practices and paying large sums in the process, far outstripping any valuation offered upon retirement by a younger associate or another practice in the community. 

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A marketing plan that hinges on listening

Despite more than a decade of commercial availability, premium IOLs have not attracted their target audience, the patient-consumer who wants to see without glasses for most to all activities following surgery. According to Market Scope, market penetration has not gone beyond 10%…

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Branding: The Promise of an Experience


When we think about the term branding and what it means today, we need to first go back to its roots. Long before we had marketing terms such as brand equity, brand essence, and brand management, we had cattle—lots and lots of cattle. It became increasingly difficult for ranchers to keep track of the cattle they owned…

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