Why Private Equity Matters

Just about every doctor I speak with wants to know more about private equity, and larger practices seem to be inundated with inquiries from prospective buyers. Why the sudden interest in medical practices?

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Facts Matter

My early view on world progress was governed by what I was told at the dinner table most nights – “finish your dinner; kids in China and Africa are starving.”   This common parental refrain was from an earlier perspective that there were two types of countries:  industrialized and developing.  

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Human versus Robot

I’m a big fan of new technology, even though looking back at some of my purchases I realize that new does not always mean better.

Take the Lytro camera for example, which claimed it would improve the image focus after you took the picture. Sounded good at the time, but It was an epic fail in the land of gizmos….

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A Time to Share

Having just finished work for the year as well as learning how to edit home videos on iMovie as a gift to my family, I wanted to take a moment and thank you – my readers – with a moment of reflection on the year 2017.

This was a year of challenge for me personally as I focused on re-energizing my consulting, my writing, and my commitment to getting in better shape in all facets of my

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Cash is King (and Points are Pointless)

Many of us are enthralled with affinity cards and earning points. We use specific loyalty program credit cards in exchange for points and eventual redemption for free flights, hotel stays, and just about anything else you want to buy. Personally, I like
the Southwest VISA and the Starwood AMEX and use the points for family travel.

In many practices, doctors often use their AMEX gold or platinum card to pay for practice supplies and simultaneously rack up points, with the goal of using them for future travel….

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